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Exclusive December in Clever fit Černý Most - full of discounts and benefits!

01.12. 2021

Our Exclusive December special offer is still on! In Clever fit Černý Most, we have prepared 10 super advantageous surprises that will save you a lot of money. The first one is the Open House Days we have already informed you about. Today, we are revealing the 9 remaining super advantageous offers! What can you look forward to in December at Clever fit Černý Most?


Surprise No. 1:

Open House Days. From 2 to 6 December you can come here and work out at absolutely no cost, even if you do not have a membership yet. The number of free entries is not limited plus they include the services that are otherwise reserved solely for our Exclusive members and you can use them during the special offer – the Biocircuit circuit training, cardio zone with Netflix and TV as well as free coffee and a protein drink.


Surprise No. 2:

Upgrade your life! For all our Basic and Standard members, we will upgrade membership to the Exclusive package FREE OF CHARGE in December!


Surprise No. 3:

Everyone who will buy any of our annual membership packages (Basic, Standard or Exclusive) in December, will work out FREE OF CHARGE for the rest of December! This is because your annual membership will only take effect as of 1 January 2022!


Surprise No. 4:

If you decide for the Standard or Exclusive membership during December, you will receive one more gift from us – you will pay for only 11 months of 2022 because you will get the 12th month for FREE from us!


Surprise No. 5:

Did you miss the Open House Days? Throughout December, you can enjoy two free entries instead of one – and both in the Exclusive version!


Surprise No. 6:

If you pay your annual Standard or Exclusive membership taken up in December as a lump sum fee (i.e. not in monthly instalments), you will gain yet another month FREE OF CHARGE! You will pay for just 10 months and you will work out for the whole year of 2022! If you buy the Basic membership, you will obtain 1 month FREE OF CHARGE!


Surprise No. 7:

Do you have our Basic or Standard membership and would you like to upgrade it to Exclusive? If you change your contract during December and switch to our annual Exclusive membership package, you will have the same benefits as our new members have – you will pay for just 11 months of 2022 and you will get the 12th month for FREE from us! And if you decide to pay the lump sum fee for the whole year, you will have even two months for FREE!


Surprise No. 8:

Have you already bought our annual Exclusive membership? We have not forgotten about you either! Your membership will be automatically extended by one month! We will add this FREE month for you automatically at the end of your contract.


Surprise No. 9:

As part of the Exclusive December, you can also purchase packages of training sessions with some of our Clever fit coaches at a reduced price:

  • The exclusive package of 5 training sessions with a trainer (the training sessions must be taken within 2 months after the purchase) – for CZK 3 900
  • The exclusive package of 10 training sessions with a trainer (the training sessions must be taken within 4 months after the purchase) – for CZK 5 900
  • The exclusive package of 20 training sessions with a trainer (the training sessions must be taken within 6 months after the purchase) – for CZK 9 900


Surprise No. 10:

For all holders of the Standard membership, a discount of 5% for any of the training session packages with our Clever fit couches will apply automatically, Exclusive members will get a discount of 10% on purchase of a package.


Do you want to make use of any of our discounts? Here on our website, we have prepared our special Exclusive Price List for you and, of course, we will be happy to provide you any information personally at Clever fit Černý Most on the 3th floor of Centrum Černý Most!